Drunk in Texas


Texas leads the nation in the number of alcohol-related fatalities that occur on a yearly basis.

It isn't enough for police officers to wait until an impaired individual has left the bar or gotten in their car. Instead, police officers look for proactive ways to detain people who may pose a threat to themselves or others. (See next post: Drunk in a Bar.)

More than 45% of all driving fatalities in Texas are attributed to drunk driving. Unfortunately, many people never realize the risk they may pose to others, and believe that even though they are impaired, they will be able to drive without an issue.

In 2006, which is the latest year that has statistics available, 1544 people were killed because of drunks who believed they could drive. It may be annoying or embarrassing to be arrested for public intoxication, but to engage in actions that may kill another human being transcends those minor feelings.

Think that your handful of drinks means that you're good to go? Think again. Of the alcohol-related fatalities, only 87% of the impaired drivers tested over the legal blood alcohol limit of 0.08%. The rest tested lower than the legal limit - but they were still drunk enough to kill themselves or another human being.

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