Day Late, Dollar Short


The GLBT community feels like they've been discriminated against by having TABC focus on their bar...but they're late to an outcry that began back in 2006 when the POLICE had the NERVE to arrest DRUNK PEOPLE in a BAR.

Just like squeaky wheels, barking dogs tend to attract attention. Avi Adelman, a Dallas resident, carefully watches the goings-on at bars and clubs on lower Greenville. In responding to the 2006 string of arrests that took place in Irving bars, Adelman says, "The first thing they teach bar owners and staff at TABC School is to not serve a patron to the point of intoxication.

But this goes against everything that bar owners do, which is to sell as much booze to a patron as they can (as long as they can still sign the VISA tab), thereby creating profit and tips. Good for business, good for the staff."

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Speaking of 2006, the Dunham Law Firm, based in Austin, discussed (in their blog) the decision of TABC to step up enforcement against public intoxication inside a bar. Unfortunately, they incorrectly state that this was the first time TABC looked for public intox in a bar - it's actually a longstanding practice, per the law.

Still think TABC was targeting the Rainbow Lounge or their diverse population? Or that they cooked up a conspiracy with the Fort Worth PD to be big bullies? You're still late to the game. TCU student Leigh Ann Weaver completed an extensive project on the work that TABC does within Tarrant County, including their work with the TABC. It wouldn't do justice to her work to excerpt it here, so if you're ready to be enlightened, visit the Moudy Project.

The GLBT community isn't the first to complain that the police are picking on them, and they won't be the last. They're simply the loudest so far, and the most misguided in trying to make a non-event into an opportunistic rallying cry. Don't let this propaganda take over - continuing calls for restoring reason may prevent politicians from losing their nerve so that they can boldly back the police and the law instead of give into hysteria.

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