Continuing to Restore Reason


The Editors of Restoring Reason determined that in the interest of not unfairly coloring police reports and investigations, all comparison of testimony should await such a time as when inquiries were concluded. Fortunately, the same witnesses whose varying and colorful statements we originally intended to parse were kind enough to also refrain from making consistent statements when speaking with the police, and then explaining that their wild and unsubstantiated assertions were the cause of the police having so frightened them. Their testimony, however, speaks for itself it its lack of veracity. These statements, little more than badly written fiction, can be found in their entirety through the Fort Worth police department or Fort Worth Star Telegram.

The mission of this blog has been achieved in concurrence with the findings of no abuse or bias in this incident, and with a further investigation finding that the TABC officers were wrongfully dismissed. The Restoring Reason blog will remain a static testimony to Texas laws and the fine work of Texas police officers.

Posts on Restoring Reason are now static; comments are still being accepted.